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Our family owned business is dedicated to helping you increase your sales.  We do this by using the best ingredients and providing you with free samples based on quantities ordered. Sampling has helped several of our markets to sell over 2,000 bags of dip annually.

Our Fresh Vegetable Dip with Dill has been a customer favorite for over 25 years.  We continue to grow and have introduced new products so that you can offer an entire line of our tasty dips.  We continue to introduce new products to meet the tastes of your customers.

All of our dips are sold in single bags to be enjoyed alone or with friends, double bags with a decorative vegetable ornament making for a great gift, quad bags are available for you to mix bulk quantities and sell in the deli or cold case.  Current customers include farm markets, specialty meat markets, and gift shops.

Martha & Bern

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