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High quality, low prices and some delicious dip recipes make us a customer favorite. We are delighted at the loyal following we’ve developed over the years and are constantly receiving calls from people all over the United States asking where our product can be purchased.

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High quality, low prices and some delicious dip and pretzel recipes make us a customer favorite! As a small business, we make our mixes in small batch quantities allowing us to provide you with a quality product that is great for partying with friends or for enjoying as a hearty snack. Our products are all natural and gluten free using environmentally friendly packaging.

Who We Are

Our family owned business is dedicated to providing you with delicious dip and pretzel mixes. My love of food and entertaining is what got me started on this adventure. Twelve years of working as a manager in our local farm market gave me an appreciation for what people want in terms of a great product using little or no preservatives. We've been in business for over thirty years and continue to grow thanks to friends, family and our fantastic customers. Being responsive to our customers and growing our product line has benefitted us by having a loyal following of farm markets, distributors, stores and friends from all over the United States.